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Adfair Design and Supply has been around for quite a while – as long as fourteen years and the journey has not been an easy one. Over a decade ago, at its infancy, the name was “Adfair Enterprise”. Started with a creative vision, the focus was to deliver extra-ordinary visual experience and shape the trend of the industry.

The challenge was to get a foothold against the big names then, but the goal was not just to dethrone them, rather to triumph over the subpar design trend that had a strong grip on the industry. It took a lot of hard work to bring about the changes but it was a worthy effort and it helped the little start up to firmly establish itself.

Sense of aesthetic doesn’t have to be restricted into designs and printed items hence the journey into the realm of “service rendering”. This is a huge territory to roam around. From managing events to supplying gift items – all are in this category. Driven by hunger for success, we shined in this arena as well and organizing consecutive “Dhakaia mobile mela” and “International Migrants Day 2011” are proofs of that.

We are motivated by our passion and thrive in a challenging atmosphere. We guarantee to pour our hearts out, so your brand image shines and your event becomes a colossal success.

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Adfair Design & Supply